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04-21-2010, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Edgecase View Post
I'd recommend adding (to the Keybinds section) info on binding your power presets to hotkeys. One of the Season One patches added it to the general keybinds menu, but they're all unbound by default. I use F9-F12 because they're in a nice clump of 4 keys on my keyboard that aren't defaulted to any critical functions (I can use the menus to adjust my UI placement if I really need to).

Keybinds. Because when someone shoots out your shields, you really don't want to be trying to click that tiny defense preset button.
The recommendation to bind power presets has always been in the guide, under the Keybinds subsection, since its first (unedited) posting.

Recently, I removed the explicit keybind console commands, now that the power presets have been added to the Key Binds game options menu.