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04-21-2010, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by Andor View Post
Escorts should be all about damage otherwise they are wasting their main strength.
Escorts need to know that they have to stay in the 5km range to their cruisers. They need to chain themselves to the ones handing out the extend shield.
How often do I see, when flying my pure healing-cruiser, that an escort, that gets pounded by all sides, which I was able to extend his shields and my hazard emitters cooldown is nearly over too, flies out of the 5km range with full speed for whatever stupid reason ever. The cruiser is not that maneuverable!

Or also good, you see them in 80% of FvF games: The escort that stays 5km from you first, the enemy arrives, is at 20km, and he full impulse/evasive maneuvers to them, alone, on front, out of any healing range! 5 enemies focus fire him of course. If you try to save him you end up getting focus fired next, after the escort is dead after 2 seconds, your team is ripped apart.

And not to forget: I know nearly no escort that doesn't have a science team. Even they can heal people or break VM!

My BoP ends up on top of the healing charts most of the time, and this is no healing build, just got hazard emitters which I also share! Same with dampening field and science team.

The greatest thing about most of the heals is that they (except extend shields, but you can use a shield battery here fine) don't depend on power levels. You can even full impulse in to rescue your allies, and by the time this is done your weapons are ready for slaughtering.

If an ally got really low on health once, the chance enemies won't get off of him, even though he is healed and got a lot of resists or under extend shields now, is very high! Most people behave like bulldogs, not letting lose of their prey, no matter how dumb it is. This means free kills for you!