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04-21-2010, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
STO will be my last MMO. I don't care what else comes out.

Playing Tyranids isn't that different from playing an Alien in Alien vs. Predator. Well, except the hive mind, so you have to play something commando-like, like a symbiont or a lictor.

But I have no idea how they would ever get the vastness of 40k in a computer game. The universe there is so friggin huge that humanity can bomb a planet with billions of their own into oblivion, just to get a chaos cult, because they can simply replace it.
Not saying this how they would do it, but how i would run it would be thus:

Have a subsector (about 15-20 planets of varied environments maybe, few zones on each planet initially) that was enveloped or cut off by a Warp Storm of some sort re-appear. Naturally the Imperials (Guard, Space Marines, and Sisters) start moving in to secure the area and re-establish Imperial control. Chaos cults have in the meantime arisen on a few of the worlds and they start bringing in Chaos Armies. There are some kind of Eldar ruins in the system so that brings the Eldar in. And with new area accessible the Tau move in as well. And Orks...well do the Orks really ever need a reason to be there and Orkin' things up?

Then for the first big expansion, the Tyranids invade.