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04-21-2010, 04:31 PM
Yes ,you will need to do N'vak or Kerrat Mission at least once before you will get that one as Daily. I dont know for sure by what order they give them out but seems a bit random so there are 3 different types available.

Join 3 Hostile Engagements - Arena (Cracked Planet and such)

Join 3 Hostile Takeovers - thats Capture and Hold (Salvage Operation and such)

Join 3 Warzone - thats N'vak or Kerrat (Borg Hunt) -> for this one you need to do the quest from the Guy on Ganalda Station once and from that one it is available to you as Daily when its the current system choosen Daily (it wont be available as Daily until you finish it once so it might just be that this is the current one and you cant get it)