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04-21-2010, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by Dslice
I read a some people saying that those who don't want the death penalty should keep the difficulty setting at normal so the the dealth penalty is is mostly on non factor. What about those who want to use the advanced &/or Elite difficulty without having to accept a death penalty only put in the game because some whiny vrtual sadomasicists love it when a game punishes them. This game is Star trek. The federation stood for freedom of choice & self determination. Where is our choice? If you pick the higer difficulty you have the death penealty. If you don't want the death penalty then you can't use the higher difficulty setting. Also, even if the death penalty is "practically" not there, it still is ther. It is FORCED on us. Again, no freedom of choice. Why should the majority be FORCED to play the game like the minority?
Do you know what the Dp is even? Have you tested it at all its pretty much a non issue, You can rarely die in normal pve so whats the big deal.

The dp should have been in the game from the beggining so I glad they are fixing it.

If you die too much in normal settings then its time to adjust your playstyle because if you try advanced or elite you wont live.