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04-21-2010, 08:18 PM
Originally Posted by NSTO
Do you know what the Dp is even? Have you tested it at all its pretty much a non issue, You can rarely die in normal pve so whats the big deal.

The dp should have been in the game from the beggining so I glad they are fixing it.

If you die too much in normal settings then its time to adjust your playstyle because if you try advanced or elite you wont live.
Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear, I eas posting in a moment of anger over the death penalty. To answer your question, yes, I have tested it. The debate of weather the Death Penalty is needed or a good thing aside (That is a whole nother issue itself). The main topic of my post was why is the the death penalty tied into the difficulty slider? Those who don't want the death penalty will be forced to play only on normal setting to avoid it. That is discrimination against those against the death penalty. If one choses to avoid the death penalty, then normal difficulty is forced on them wether they want it or not. If one choose the higher difficulty, one has the death penalty forced on them. The death penalty & difficulty should be seperate options. I would like to play on the higher difficulty (I liked on the test server) but not play the silly "pay the repairman" minigame. It is possible that others feel the same as I do, & if so we should not be discriminated against. And for he record, you can't claim that the game needed a death penalty. It is clearly up to the individual user if a death penalty is a good thing or bad thing. I have read many debates for both sides of the argumanet. It is not a one sided deal. that is why I would like to see the death penalty optional & not tied into the difficulty. It would allow each individual user to tailor the game to his or her own tastes. That's called win/win. I am suggesting this only to try to make the game a enjoyable environment for all. Not just one side of an argument.