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I think we have this gigantic ball floating around called Earth, and we should be able to beam down and visit it. Perhaps just a singular area or maybe various areas such as "Starfleet Academy" or"Starfleet Headquarters".

Players around Earth Spacedock, could fly on over to earth and beam down to the Academy and learn a little more about starfleet, take the kobayashi maru, access a database of historical information, learn some star-trek lore like about the farpoint mission. I see tons of things that could be added here and while it's not a whole lot to the "function" of the game, it would add to the trekki experience. Also perhaps there could be an engineering lab or class that you can go to that lists all the ship abilities and in further detail than the tool tips, what they do.

I'm sure the rest of you have a thousand other things you would want added here.