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So I have run through the game with both a Tac Officer, and a Sci Officer. I have recently begun my Engineer. I felt I had a pretty good grasp on the game mechanics and how to manipulate and tweak them for maximum effectiveness...

WIth that being said...

What is the deal with the maximum power you can achieve 125? Or is there a way to bypass this cap? Allow me to elaborate.

My engineer has Emergency Power to Weapons 1. With my bonuses it gives a +16 to weapon power for 30 seconds. I usually run my ship on offensive power settings, so my base weapon power is 100. Plus I have Warp core theorist, weapon mainenance, efficient captain... ect. So with all my bonuses and consoles my base weapon stat is 113.
Pretty robust yeah?
Then I hit "Emergency Power to Weapons" and my power level readout says "125".
Did I skip too many Math classes in High school?
Isn't that supposed to say "129"? Or have I truly gone looney tunes?

Also, explain to me what would be the point in having Emergency Power to Weapons 2... or 3?
Did I miss something?
Please help this poor lost soul find his way back to maximum @$$kickery.