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Originally Posted by ares93 View Post
well practically everything. its based on the federation so mostly federation species are needed, that includes bajorans btw. but i havent figured out the entire story yet so other names are appreciated as well


EDIT: s8472 is involved btw
I'll give you a couple of names from all the Federation member species I do. If you need any more, just tell me.

Andorian male: Therichent Tai
Andorian female: Trintis Alor

Bajoran male: Yashava Rolan
Bajoran female: Tano Nila

Benzite male: Marvok
Benzite female: Soolya

Betazoid male: Hes Elren
Betazoid female: Xalla Lajogran

Bolian male: Maslad Brall
Bolian female: Itonsoa Madol

Caitian unisex: Kenavane M'Therr

Efrosian male: Yitir Bhvlovteii
Efrosian female: Hinu Ra-Moratra

Saurian surname: Acezka

Tellarite male: Glen chim Borkiv

Tiburonian surname: Troles

Trill male first name: Yeitak
Trill female first name: Lela
Trill family name: Kaulix
Trill symbiont name: Alyr

Vulcan male: Tok
Vulcan female: T'Kala

Zakdorn male: Iplihn Gavarna