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04-22-2010, 02:05 AM
Originally Posted by Evhelm View Post
Is the Enemy Flagship mob really that overpowering an issue? (Especially when there's no death penalty?)

I always thought the Flagship mob's placement was a comfort. Once you killed the requisite number of squadrons, you knew where to go to kill the Flagship--as opposed to tooling around the expansive DSE area looking for it.

I suppose moving it a little bit away from the spawn, but still in a predictable location, could be an easy compromise on that issue?
First understand that this paticular mob is usually a level higher in difficulty

Next, when you warp in, they're right behind you....waiting...if someone else isnt already there going after them....your toast.

This mob is also consisting of one or two more ships than the usual mob in a DSE. And when the timer starts in between sessions, they are noticably harder to kill than when the session starts.

I've been saying this needs to change since launch. It's quite...oh whats the word........unsporting.