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04-22-2010, 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by Andor View Post
I have had much better luck with good groups in cracked planet then I have in the capture the flag maps.

The problem in the capture the flag battles is people stop going after flags and just end up halfway between the center star base and the federation spawn point going for kill after kill. The Klingons know better and with cloak they can send small groups to capture flags while the rest keep the feds busy.

What the feds need to do is form the fed ball then move from flag to flag. if you can keep the klingons busy and the flags blue then you can win.
It was never clear to me what the best tactic was here - because a single fedball can only conquer and keep one flag blue. So I figured there must be some splitting up. But I guess that is wrong?

Maybe the part where you mention "keep the Klingons busy" is crucial here - it doesn't matter if a blue flag is unprotected, if the Klingons are forced into a fight with the Fedball, they don't get to capture it. Though I am not convinced it as easy to achieve.. I need to do more PvP.