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04-22-2010, 06:24 AM
Originally Posted by Zhiel
I have seen a FBP + RSP BoP do just shy of 600,000 damage in one match. Consistently, this guy was between 275k and 400k every single match.
FBP does a lot of damage on the paper, because only hull-damage is counted, but I doubt he killed most of the people he damaged.

And this also means the FED-team wasn't very clever if their beam users attacked a feedback-chainer again and again. Your escorts are there to kill him, or science ships to disable him.

I use 1 FBP III and 1 RSP on my BoP and sometimes I have PvP matches where I don't use any of the two. If you don't get attacked they are useless. So I am happy I didn't spend all my skills into such kind, because I can do very well if not under fire too.