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04-22-2010, 08:44 AM
Originally Posted by Rojon View Post
I want to set up customized keybinds and cannot find a comprehensive guide anywhere. Can someone please point me in the direction of a tutorial or at least a list of scripting commands and syntax used in STO?
There is none because there is no user scripting allowed.

Keybinds for console commands, however, are very much allowed and visible to the public. In your chat window (console), type


followed by a single or sequence of letters or numbers, in order to scroll through the list of visible console commands. If you have auto-complete enabled, you will see everything that is available to the user.


Here are some common keybinds:

Target-announce keybind, to announce focus fire targets to your team:
/bind <key> <chat channel> <msg> $target
/bind t team TARGET: $target

Assist keybind, to target your target's current target:
/bind <key> assist
/bind g assist

Target-by-name keybind, to target a specific player by name:
/bind <key> target <player full 'short name', including spaces>
/bind F1 target Matt Dravis


By popular request, the Key Binds game options menu now has keybind options for power level presets, Away Team targeting, and Away Team rally-point placement.

If you have suggestions for additions to the Key Binds game options menu, you should post them so that the DEVs can include them in a future patch.