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04-22-2010, 10:00 AM
@Etaris - I am actually for, and suggested in closed beta, skins as the option for the lower tier ships. I even forwarded the suggestion to make available in the C-Store any new ship designs, as well as old ones. Maybe I should petition for a special forum avatar thingy for that. Anyways, what I proposed here only affects one value on the ship as a short-term interim fix, until they can make the skin thing a real option.

By removing the shield modifier, any player level 40-45 can get full benefit of their best shield (+/- for escort/science mods) instead of being penalized for choosing to fly a lower tier ship. They would still be limited to the number of weapons, BO stations and ranks/skills, but their survivability would be brought up to a reasonable level.

Anyways from the looks of this discussion, all of us that participated seem to agree that having the lower tier ships as a skin option is far more agreeable to us.