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We need to be able to fly full up or full down 90 degrees so I can hit targets above an below with cannon fire, right now cannons are the only weapon to have an exploitable blind spot that I cannot correct for.
I am not saying make flight 3D, but up and down are a necessity

We need to be able to LOCK our camera into 3rd person chase for dog fighting with cameras I had to bind reset camera to fire just to get something half-reasonable.

Tab selecting enemies needs to ignore mines and torps or at least have a separate button for that function or a toggle.. if my computer cant figure out the difference I am certain my bridge officer doing the targeting does know the difference...

Give me an option to clone my settings to another character... resting everything takes forever...

So that's it my wish list of 4 things that make the game way better none of which horribly break balance and which I feel are all realistic changes