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04-22-2010, 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by rayvenwing View Post
you realize the WoK uniforms also had red gold blue and green turtlenecks and trim also
I only modeled the versions that appeared in the Wrath of Khan film. For some reason I can't remember the variants you are describing from the movies. I'll have to go back and watch them again.

Originally Posted by Terral
By the way, just got done using this to alter the colors of my Boff's uniforms, and while saving some screenshots I realized that no matter what i did, that color picker UI wouldn't show up in the screenshot. Mind telling me how you did that? Was it an external program like Fraps? Trying to figure out which hair color matches an RGB value and I thought that screenshotting that UI might help.
Type /screenshot_UI and press Enter. Voila!