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04-22-2010, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
Which sucks, because there are so many other consoles I'd like to be running. But I have to outfit all 3 of my EngConsole slots with EPS Flows, because I have 2x DC, 1xDHC, and 2x Turrets all constantly firing.
I can imagine you sitting there, mashing your face on the space bar like mad.... come on, power drain is cryptics way of telling you "we don't want you to do that, since that would be too cheesy."
Which it incidentally is.

Either you keep mashing your face to the space bar, then you require some eps consoles (which you do anyway, cryptic was a bit over enthusiastic with the EPS nerf, resulting in excessive usage - because they are still point for point better than anything else) OR you limit your face mashing to controlled amounts and look up once in a while.

And yeah, drop the turrets, they add little and drain a lot. And maybe grab a dual beam array front and use it for beam overload. besides, make friends with rear facing torps? or, if you're at a complete loss, just toss in some mines on auto fire?

And btw:

It's about pvp, which is way more difficult than pve target practice. what works there will also work against borg cubes.

Ah, i forgot: EmPW is your friend, too.