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04-22-2010, 12:59 PM
Just like weapons switching in ground combat, it was not intended to be abused in such a fashion. You need a different damage type? Or some other debuff? That was the intention, it was never allowing you to chain high power expose/exploit attacks. Thus it got patched, the inability to access the different damage types or debuffs during combat outweighs the negative impact such practice had on the game.

Why the detour over the weapon switching? It's just the same. You are supposed to switch out the BO according to your upcoming needs, again it is not designed to allow you to exchange your spent power for a fresh one. This is clearly a bug and exploiting it is.. well, exploiting. Is it a bannable offense? I can't answer, but since it's walking the sharp line between smart-assery and exploit, I really don't know

But actually that is more a problem of carriers since they get out of combat a lot. But yes, I agree, mirrored BO powers should inherit the running cooldown, regardless of rank of course, just to prevent smartassery like this.