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04-22-2010, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by denare View Post
Emergency Power to Weapons.
Engineering Bridge Officer Skill.
Even at Ensign level it's +14 (or more) to weapon power for the next 15 seconds.
You'll eat away at that first before dipping into the energy you set aside for weapons.
Almost - that will increase your maximum power by said amount for the time it is running, so if you stop mashing your face, the energy will go back up to the maximum. And in case you didn't realize, the power goes beyond 125 - it just doesn't show nor does that increase damage. But it still will prevent excessive drain. Ideally you want your drain only to happen above 125, since then you'll do the most damage.

There's also an engineering console, Plasma Distribution Manifold. At later levels you can get +6 energy to weapon power. If that's where you want the power anyway, might as well give one a try.
Increased power is only worth it, if you don't drain. If you are at, say, 100 power and drain yourself all the way to 50 in one volley, the +6 is still way worse than an EPS, which will lessen the impact of the drain.

Apart from that, EPS has other uses, whereas +6 to whatever has not - for example quickly juggling power settings and so on.