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I neither see the difference nor do I find any reference to the blue/green distinction in the articles you linked. All it says is that the DS9/VOY science uniform (referred to as Type B) was called blue but was actually a shade of green. It's comprehensively referred to as sciences uniform and, telling from the pictures tacitly includes medical staff. So clearly, there's no distinction. Am I the only one to think so?

Look at that chart. You can clearly see that the last two colors are different from the ones immediately before it. I did note, in the stuff you quoted, that it was a timeline thing, rather than a division thing, but either way, it's personal preference.

I'm guessing they had some fabric left over, and made some later style uniforms with old true blue, or something like that.

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And I finished the wallpaper.

I added it to the OP as well.


Oh my goodness that is crowded. I would suggest moving the badges to a separate area.