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04-22-2010, 06:32 PM
Incorrect. Letheans have several options with their telepathy. They can create entire scenarios in a mind (Lethean that attacked Bashir), extract thoughts (Lethean that attacked Kor) or simply fry a mind like the Rapture trait we have. Eris, the first Vorta shown, had a telekinetic charge, like the trait Telekinetic. BOs never use these traits. I would like to see them do that. I have several Vulcan BOs that never use Nerve Pinch, and some aliens with Telekinetic that they also don't use.
There was also a species in TOS that had electric charges, if I remember correctly. And many other (mostly unnamed) species could influence others with their mental abilities (DS9 The Muse, influenced Jake Sisko), Ocampa could influence organic materials (make water boil, also blood; make plants bloom or die).

Some mental abilities are canon.