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04-22-2010, 09:39 PM
Im Getting my Star Cruiser stuck inside of the Fed Star-base very often during PvP matches after I re-spawn after Death.
Map is:
Hostile Engagement (FvK) - Capture and Hold - Space - Salvage Operation (Large)

Its extremely frustrating, I have submitted several tickets since official release already but still no fix.

Please move the star-base itself further away from the Spawn point for the love of.....

Or move the spawn further away from the star-base, this is a MAJOR problem for me.

Or add some kind of a suicide command that can be used once or twice during space battle...

do something, this is happening over and over.

Every one who ever had this problem please make it Known so it can get fixed.
Either there is some very strange reason why I get stuck and others don't, or people just dont remember to report it.

When I report all I get is an automated reply now =/