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04-22-2010, 10:50 PM
Originally Posted by Amosov
The colour would change sometimes depending on the season, Bashir can be seen here in season 1 with one colour: Season 1, and Dax in season 3 with another: Season 3. Again in season 3 they're both seen here with the same coloured uniform: Meridian season 3.
I'm still not convinced. The subtle difference in the screengrabs might be down to different lighting of the scene and post-processing of the pictures.

My criticism anyway is with the OP saying that the two colors existed alongside in both uniform generations. I remember it differently. The same goes for the movie uniforms (colored turtleneck under jacket).

By the way, Blackavaar, I just rechecked your guide picture for what you call the medical blue-green variant (early DS9) and the red line points to the same shade of blue as in the sciences blue variant. That's probably not what you intended.