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04-23-2010, 03:36 AM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
Which sucks, because there are so many other consoles I'd like to be running. But I have to outfit all 3 of my EngConsole slots with EPS Flows, because I have 2x DC, 1xDHC, and 2x Turrets all constantly firing.
That's a drain of ~19.3. When you factor in the first one being a freebie, lag and non-perfect timing, plus the game's tendency to not fire everything exactly when it should, you should be fine with just 2 uncommon EPS Flow Regulators, which will give you a power regen of 18 per second.

I'd recommend ditching the DCs for DHCs though. DHCs cost you 4 drain per second, to DC's 5. They also crit for more damage, are more front loaded, and due to a 1s firing, 2s recharge cycle, the max energy penalty will tend to effect you less as well. Anyway, that should drop you to 17.3.

Originally Posted by Denare
Emergency Power to Weapons.
Engineering Bridge Officer Skill.
Even at Ensign level it's +14 (or more) to weapon power for the next 15 seconds.
You'll eat away at that first before dipping into the energy you set aside for weapons.
30s duration.

The one downside to this power is that it changes max power setting, not current. So if you use it once you've started firing, unless your regen exceeds your drain, it doesn't benefit you much. And without EPS Flow Regulators, it makes for an additional 3+ seconds before you want to start blasting after a full impulse hop.

But definitely an awesome power, especially for PvE.