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04-23-2010, 07:14 AM
My thought is that EPS should be used changing power settings mid flight so those settings happen quicker. If you look into the power level changes Cryptic is wanting to do, this makes sense. That's part of knowing when to be aggressive, defensive and when to turn and run. Removing the nerf and making it unique-equip would force EPS consoles to work how they were intended.

As for weapon draining, you have to understand a couple things.

1) if you want burst damage, then spamming spacebar is the way to go, but you're gonna have to find ways to keep your weapon energy high. Burst damage is just that, massive damage all at once but a long period of no damage between while you wait for rechage.

2) if you want a consistently high DPS, you want to go sustained with a Weapon power level of about 125 and stagger your weapon firing. That means clicking your weapons in order you want them to fire or pressing the key bind for that weapon.

I'll admit that space bar spamming is the easiest way to fire weapons while paying attention the many other things on the screen. However I find that C:RF only gets used for half the duration it's active if you go with space bar spamming because of cannon global cooldown.