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04-23-2010, 09:26 AM
I got to RA by just playing missions as they came ..and anytime I won points I just made ALL the first 4 skill blocks ALL level 9. It then said I could train for making it a 9-now it says It cant be used. hmmm..oh,well..
I'm learning with the help of you guys & reading forums I dont understand sometimes,,,lol
All my BO are Level 9 and I cant add no more anything ..

I'm just a 'olfart retired Army dude having fun.Ya'll have helped me alot-thanks !

Now I'm gonna make a new Engineer guy and put everything at 4..and see what happens..making everything a 9 didnt make my ship hull stronger-faster or any better as I noticed.

I still die pretty fast by them dang Klingons in PvP -I got 6K Cov.shields/7.5% shield reg./2 fancy hulls/
Tetyron: IX Beams-dual cannons-180cannon-turrent
X-Efficent engines. IXPhotons. VIII quantums+20 crit.(rear)-IX Poleron Beam
Consoles: +22 Beam weapons /+30 Tetryon weapons/+22 quantums/+22Cannons
25%stayalive bio/ 25%hull repair..and maybe a few I fergot...and I just having fun this is what I got as
a RA.
Much thanks to all who've helped me !