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04-23-2010, 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by livingdeadjedi View Post
Still they were ok movies just i didn't get the same sense that i did from reading it.
That's probably because the AvP movies were a loose adaptation of various things from the book/comic mythos, and not intended as a direct translation.

I'm going to get flamed to high hell for this one, but honestly? The Godfather. The book was brilliantly paced, gave all the information you could ask for, and details that the first two movies didn't cover. If you've never read the book, then imagine the first movie and the flashback parts of Part Two - that's the book, right there. The characters are fleshed out more, there's stories within stories, and it's just an excellent read. The movies, however (which I saw after reading the book) were a let-down. Wonderfully acted, brilliantly directed, superbly filmed, but...they weren't The Godfather.

Also, I liked Part Three.