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04-23-2010, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by cipher_nemo View Post
Degraded to nothing but personal attacks now, lol. :p Like anyone cares what you spew here.
Ok... NOW I have time.

1) The guy has said he has monitoring software... which is what Im talking about if you even bother to read it instead of listen to your voice in your head. NOT benchmarking software.

2) You have yet to tell me why a stress test will tell you more then a monitoring software will. Ive explained many times how having the condition of the card in the crash is useful, since you can put it up against say... the temp a card is supposed to be able to handle and get a good idea of if heat could be your problem! Hell if you take multiple such results, you can compare them to each other to say maybe temp X might actually be a problem even if it shouldnt be. What does a stress test give you that that does not?

Now if you want to explain without being a total arrogant *****, I will happily listen. But as it stands, repeating the same thing without explaining and then getting your undies in a bunch when someone doesn't trust software you suggest (turns out I pinned that one, eh?), and have not earned the right to that angle of your nose you look down on the rest of us with. So quit being **** for no good reason.