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04-23-2010, 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by drgnmstr44 View Post
My thought is that EPS should be used changing power settings mid flight so those settings happen quicker. If you look into the power level changes Cryptic is wanting to do, this makes sense. That's part of knowing when to be aggressive, defensive and when to turn and run. Removing the nerf and making it unique-equip would force EPS consoles to work how they were intended.
Personally, I'd like to see a weapon energy bar, would look sort of like the throttle. Attack Power would determine the rate of recharge, increase a base recharge that is determined by ship type (so number of weapon mounts and the like is taken into account). And at certain points, like 50%, you'd get a penalty on damage. To lose that penalty, you'd have to recharge to the point above it, so 75% to lose the penalty you got at 50%.

Ideally, with the ability to set a damage/drain setting. Say 25% additional damage with 50% higher drain, as well as 25% less damage for 33% less drain.

The goal being to remove Power Transfer Rate from the energy weapon damage equation, while encouraging the power management the devs seemingly want us to use, even though the current design does not support it. And it'd let the devs raise the power cap from 125 to 150, as 125 is way too easy to hit, with some ships getting +10 to a power setting and then an additional +9 from a performance skill.

And then EPS Flow Regulators could get a bump in value or, better yet, the base power transfer rate could. And people would feel a lot more free to use their engineering consoles in other ways.

But that probably won't happen.