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04-23-2010, 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by Axwyn
the fvsk is totally unballanced. Yes i notice all players that play klingon will now come spouting theremouths of. (probally they make such a noise as its true)

But play fvf its a much beter more balanced game where team work and skill shines through. or you can have 5 feds vs 20 klingons if a carriers involved.

The karrat mission is a joke watched yesterday while a klingon happily surrvived attack by a fed 2 cubes and 2 probes before doing there usual running away.

Theres little actuall gameplay for klingons and soon they better hope for kvk as there will be no fed ships in pvp
Ahh, one of those guys that put alot of blame elsewhere before making sure everything you and your team is doing was correct.

Here's a tip: When the Klingons are rolling you fools, pay attention to where the rest of your "supposed team" is at, and pay particular attention to how much you guys are actually supporting each other.

Second tip: There's more to support than Focus Firing & "MOAR SPACEBAR."

In general, I'm not that impressed with Fedbear PUG fighting, but we were getting rolled by the Feds earlier today that had their s**t together. You want to know how they were doing it?

#1 - They were rolling deep. A big group, and maybe a splinter unit or two out there, composed of 2-3 players acting seperately. The big group was looking for any main body of KDF forces to fight. The small group was capping, and doing it with a good chance since they were not alone.

#2 - Lots of support actions taking place. Extend Shields, Haz Emitters, ___ Teams. When someone was in trouble, very soon they had a stack of buffs to keep them going.

THESE particular Feds did their d**mdest to help members from surviving the Klingon Alpha Strike, or at least keep them going for as long as possible. At the same time, they began trying to pick off BoPs, and working their way down.

There was no luring them away. They stayed tight, they supported each other. We could not break their Fedball. When the match was over, we gave them quite a bit of credit, they rolled us several games.

Now, as for YOU... the sooner you Feds get the mindset of fighting and supporting each other as a team, the better you'll do.

Otherwise, just go whine on the forums, or worse, whine in the middle of a PvP match like some clown did the other day for half the match... all while his team lost by a narrow margin.