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04-24-2010, 03:44 AM
Oh, the Winegardner book? Do yourself a favour, and don't read the sequel to that, it's worse.

The Godfather Returns is an abomination of a book, which, for those who haven't read it, tries to tie Godfather 2 and 3 together. However, the author seems more concerned with pressing his Gary Stu upon the masses. A former face-breaker for the Corleones (one of the guys who roughs up the teen who attempted to **** Bonasera's daughter), he quickly rises in rank, whilst basically pointing out all the flaws in the Godfather books (Michael taking control of the family, etc) whilst being smarter than Michael, more street-savvy, and goes up against the Corleone family. Naturally, he escapes, and lives underground for a while, where he writes a book.

In the second sequel, he eventually gets killed, but his book gets discovered by Hollywood, and a movie director, wanting to turn it into a film, gives it to a poor Italian writer who isn't very good, and the "not very good" writer churns out some movies based on the Mobsters book, which tells the story of the Corleones. That whole sequence was, in my mind, the authors way of insulting Mario Puzo. Granted, Puzo wasn't the best storyteller in the world, but the Mobster books he wrote (including not just The Godfather, but Fools Die, the semi-sequel The Last Don, and Omerta) are very good reads which hold pride of place in my study.