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04-24-2010, 09:24 AM
Hey guys! Well you are big. I mean BIIIG. So i was wondering how would react from little Ambassador of 12th to form some alieance.

Not rushing into anything but since i am mingling around the forums and other fleet i realized that our player base (cca 40) needs some cool guys (cca 400 ) just to play. You know some pvp, chat, checking up avatars and do the other things that we can do in STO.

Please anyone, go ahead and get in touch with me so we could make friends and some fun. You can either talk to me here or in game, where i can be found as @yanek.

I am very cute and very nice person representing other guys (i don't know actually who is what gender in our fleet) that will welcome anyone of yous who would like to join in any kind of playing.

With open greetings
12th fleet Ambassador