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04-25-2010, 07:02 PM
Must be at least thirty years of age. That does eliminate me as I am only twenty-eight.

"There is a time of blood, weary limbs and broken weapons. There is a time even warriors must yield.
That time is not today, not tomorrow and not for us, for we are Klingons, and Klingons do not yield.
For us, there is StoVoKor, the great fleet for the honored dead. A true Klingon needs never yield.
Let there be blood and broken weapons, let the enemies be in their thousands. We will never yield.
Duty, honor, sacrifice, the watchwords of any Klingon, of any house and bloodline. None of us yield."
-Khern, Son of Whrogan

Qapla' Tasalak. Glory to your house.

Perhaps in time we shall fight, side by side.