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No thanks. That got done enough in Starfleet Command, that I really wouldn't care much for it getting done here. Was more than enough that they brought the overdone TE into the game, rather than putting in another faction that didn't have much (or any) screen time. Like the Kzinthi and/or Lyrans. Or the Andromedans, who would have been my personal choice.

It's fun to see a couple episodes on a series when the cast gets to have a lot of fun with their parts (hey, even Voyager had an episode where they got to play darker, more sadistic versions of themselves), but in a game, it's just excessive.
I commented quite extensively on my Captain's Log about the mission, Broken Mirror. I, personally, found it overdone. I, as the then-Captain Wayland, found it disturbing that one man would focus so much effort trying to take over an alternate reality. I never did point out the massive resources pushed forward. The Mirror Universe is a great plot-point, a great alien-of-the-week, but by no means meant to be a total threat to the Federation.

That being said, a Terran Empire mirror of your ship is far more interesting and engaging than facing total fleets of phaser-fodder from that realm.