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04-26-2010, 07:36 AM
Fed vs Fed wargames has at last given ready evidence to anyone concerned that the 'PVP imbalance" is due to the amazing depth of uselessness in the Federation player pool. Not to say that every Klingon is amazing, but it's a generally safe bet that someone rolling Klingon (much less getting to a decent rank in it) has probably done a fair bit of PVP and has at least a passing interest in it. But the Feds? Oy.

When my full-on support cruiser with one and only one personal DPS ability (Beam Overload 1, look out!) comes out of the average match with more damage dealt than the entire enemy Fed team combined, something is seriously wrong. Congratulations, guys, you got massively out-DPSed by the healer. Time to come to the forums and post about how OP cruiser damage is. Obviously the problem must be in the game design...