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04-26-2010, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by Rojon View Post
Yes you did. I'm looking for something more in-depth, such as the formatting of the commands, use of alias terms, etc.

For instance here's a keybind command given to me by a friend to always auto-target myself with Science Team:

/alias cureme "target_clear $$ target_self $$ +TrayExecByTray 0 9 $$ target_clear"
/bind 0 cureme

What you posted, while helpful, is not an in-depth explanation of how the above works. I was hoping to find something even more helpful to use the keybind script.
Aha, I understand now, apologies for my confusion.

If Cedryk_'s link is not up-to-date enough to be useful, I, too, would be interested to know if anyone else has compiled current information on this topic. In the meantime, I'll probably go through that old Beta post and see what works.

Thanks for raising this topic, it's definitely useful.