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04-26-2010, 01:54 PM
I disagree... sort of.
I understand why most people HATE Beam Overload... because it blows goats to do sweet hit, knock out their shields and suddenly be doing half damage with your beams. I get it.


My cruiser engineer captain uses Beam Overload 1 - 2 and I would use 3 if I could. When you have "Emergency Power to Weapons" "EPS Flow Regulators" and that sweet EPS power Engineers get during commander... I litterally see NO power drain from using Beam Overload! Not to mention that Emergency Power to Weapons FIXES the beam from being disabled. I am litterally and constantly firing 6 beam arrays broadsiding, and never seeing my power drop below 125. It's freakin sweet too!

Now please tell me you don't just LOVE the idea of unleashing a Antiproton beam right into the enemies exposed hull using Beam Overload... and then seeing it Crit on top of it. I would have to say "KA-FUGGIN-BOOM"... like the finger of god.