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04-26-2010, 02:35 PM
Originally Posted by poleyesterhitman
Im not sure if it says or not, but you do have 3 fed and 3 klingon slots to start. So if you havent purchased any new ones from the C-Store then how ever many characters you have for a side (fed or klink) subtract that from 3.
You get 2 fed and 1 klingon character slot. Or three feds, just have to get past Lt 6 and get the accolade. Early Lifers get 4 fed 1 klingon or (5 slots depending on if you want to make a klingon at Lt 6). Thats at the start. Then you can buy slots from the C-Store. You really are bent over backwards with the amount of character slots at the start. Almost to the point it should be criminal when compared to every other game out there (even Guild Wars and their 8 slots to start with).