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04-26-2010, 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by Ikrit122 View Post
Nope. We encourage you to be active on both forums, but you really only need to be active on the 12th Fleet forums. If you at least log in once a day, check various forums for relevant information, and then log off, then you have spent enough time on the forum. You don't have to be like Nishka, who always seems to be posting in the forums. Plus, if you are on TeamSpeak, sometimes we will discuss important changes to the fleet in there just randomly.

Pretty much when we say the forums, we actually only mean the 12th Fleet forums and this 12th Fleet thread on the STO forums. If you don't feel comfortable/like using these forums (and I definitely understand your reasoning), then its fine.
To add to this, us admirals usually have a weekly meeting on saturday or sunday and we're posting notes of that meeting afterwards. It's recommended that you check on mondays for those notes since they often feature important changes in the fleet. It's a sort of weekly news letter with all important stuff going on in the fleet combined.

Maybe I'll even add some pretty pictures involving cats or something as well later a next time. :p