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04-27-2010, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by Cedryk_
It's WildCat's post, and it is a little out of date, however if you read on, you will see that the only difference is a mode number after some commands, like:
power_exec {mode} {command}
(instead of power_exec {command} )
where the {mode} is as follows:
1 = momentary
0 = toggle off
2(or 3) = toggle on (this doesn't work all the time for all commands, and has undesirable effects on some commands that were meant to be momentary)

WildCat has stated that he will update his post shortly to include all this new info posted in the same thread.
Well, there are other differences, as those commands were designed for CO and only some of them are the same in STO. Furthermore, several commands have been changed or disabled over the past patches to STO.

That post is archived from the Beta forums, and cannot be modified. Wild Cat's last post is dated 24 Jan 2010, and the last update to that thread was on 21 Jan 2010. That is over a full week before Headstart/Launch.

I am tempted to create a new thread, but I would rather do more extensive research first.