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04-27-2010, 11:15 AM
if I might suggest:

To use BO skills with your controller:
you should map the controller to benign keys, then use /bind to set up the link to the power or skill. This gives you far more options. Save a modified copy of the binds to separate files for each of your BO configurations.
You can also unmap the existing keys in the options+keybinds and re-use them if you want...

To make it easier to deal with the quickbar in changing configurations:
open Options+Basic, and change your interface scale to 0.90. Now, switch your quickbar to mode 2. Then press Esc until the Main Menu appears, then Rearrange HUD. Drag your bars to the left until they begin at near the half way mark across your screen. Rearrange your other items to compensate. Your BO bar will now fit the max number of skills without running off the screen. Use the quickbar slots for your race and job skills etc... If you put some BO skills there, consider setting up a bar for each configuration (you have 10).