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04-27-2010, 06:42 PM
Originally Posted by rpadgett371 View Post
I've had good success with Mask Energy Signature. At level 1, I can easily get to 5KM of my target before being spotted...closer than that with adding skill points and building out the appropriate skills.

It does, though, take a valuable BoFF skill slot that might be of better use. Like most things, though, it is a trade off. Balancing one thing against another, settling on what suits you playing style.

I switched away from it on my escort as I had science skills that better supported how I fight. At some point, though, I may add it back in again. A nice ability to have IMHO. It's not quite the same as a cloaking device, but it is damn near close.
note that is only in pve, MES is utter trash in pvp.