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04-28-2010, 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by picardalpha2clearance View Post
/signed i would like a number 1

the current mobility sucks! Devs need to adopt ship movement/shielding from Star Trek final Unity game and photon torpedo spread, evasive maneuvers, tatical station and auto tactical officer. and pre programed combat maneuvers all excellent and this was a dos game in which the ship was controlled with ten key number pad
It puts combat and mobility of STO to shame! Devs if you need a copy i will send you one.
I miss that game, I still have it on CD, but running it on DosBox, most the stuff in that game could be used in STO.
Also I don't see whats silly about being "upside down" as theres no up/down in space.

Anyways I also voted for 1 as well, but a 85' pitch angle would be alright, also Dorsal and Vental shielding would be good too.