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04-28-2010, 12:12 PM
Voted for Option 2 because i don't need predefined looping & barrelroll maneuver-[buttons]

Also a real 3D moovement system would call for a 3D Minimap (every game in Wing Commander Style had one... it's not like inventing the wheel from scratch).... well maybe not, would realy have to see how it plays first.

i don't care for thrusters because they are realy only for slow movement and would add to many buttons on the keyboard.

Q and E for rolling and Mousewheel for throttle... some other button for zoom... maybe even a mouse with 2 Wheels?

Do i think this will happen if twice the playerbase votes for it? ...naaaaah!

The ship should revert to autoplane when Red Alert ends, NOT only at full stop and out of battle. (as you wrote)
(realy who would hit the brake for that?)