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04-29-2010, 01:58 AM
I've done the DS9 fleet action.

You need to be Captain level 3 to do it, and it'll prpobably come to you when your passing, but not at, DS9.

Suprisingly, the video about shooting the other ships isn't maccurate - as it's not part of the fleet action. Your mission objectives are to destroy the DS9 weapons, then beam to station. You then remove the attack groups, de-cativate a force field, heal 8 engineers who were doing maintenance, then escort an engineer to the control room, where you fight off some attackers, then you escort him to the DS9 core room, where he will avoid a core overload while you shoot some more attackers. Then you will get 4 undine beam down (inc. Captain T'Vex to similar) from the "War games" mission, and you have to kill them as well.