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04-29-2010, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by Combadge
Now, here's the problem, and the gist of the negative feedback that was provided on this point: if you're going to hit us with a very obvious money-sink death penalty and call it a balance counter to the improved chance of receiving nicer drops, then those improved chances of receiving nicer drops better be as noticeable as that potential money sink is. Otherwise your system is poorly balanced and you're essentially punishing players for choosing to fight more difficult opponents instead of snoozing through the game facing very easy ones (which is backwards logic if I've ever heard it).

Every complaint about money sink death penalties being tied into the harder difficulty levels is answered with "well you get better loot". If that's going to be line Cryptic continues to roll with then the improved drops better be abundantly clear. And there was a ton of nearly-unanimous feedback given on Tribble indicating it wasn't.
You cannot punish players for a feature that optional, if you dont like Advance/Elite then turn back to normal. If you think every drop should give a blue or epic, your setting yourself up for disappointment. I play Elite cause in my mind, that is how the game is suppose to be, the increase in drops is a perk, but without it, I would still play on Elite.

I played Tribble almost all week, no I didnt give feedback on the forums, but in bug reports I sure did a lot of reports. My primary reason, was for the challenge, not really for bug reports or feedback (I know its selfish). I dont know what you expect with Elite, but devaluing Blues/epics every other drop would ruin this game.

My point isnt meant to be argumentative, but to show you there is another perception at how this is viewed.