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04-30-2010, 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by RCSlyman View Post
Which is good and all. However, as mentioned before, people run around in fuscia and neon green uniforms. So someone preferring to wear teal on their Science officer, over the 2410 standard blue, because they prefer a color scheme that they're used to seeing... I mean, can you honestly fault it?

Of course if you're just making the argument about the use of the phrase "Medical variant" in the colors section, hey, can understand that from the canon aspect.
I don't say anything against customizing the uniforms. My argument was not about the game itself, the 2409 standard uniforms or what people choose to do with their uniforms. I was simply commenting on the fact that what was presented in this thread as canon, is not actually canon, concerning the science uniform colors. And by canon I mean the series and movies.