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04-30-2010, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by coldflow View Post
RCS console are worthless on cruisers as they are only a percentage buff to the base turn speed.

Cruisers have a low base turn therefore 20% extra is not a whole lot and generally not worth it.

Playing offensively as federation is impossible.

Baiting the enemy is a terrible idea. One subnucleonic beam and the bait ship is toast. Without evasive or any tanking abilities available 100 engines isn't enough to survive.
That leaves the only 'tactic' being the fed ball. Which is basically sitting around waiting to get humped.

Other than that mostly right.
20% might not be that much but consider most cruisers have multiple engineering con slots, and by stacking two 25% RCS consoles you now have 50% added turning, which complemented with skilling up specifically to the type of ship you fly can be quite substaintiall.