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# 1 Move The Captain's Table
04-30-2010, 03:30 PM
If it is no longer going to be just for life time subscribers and available basically to any one, can we at least see it moved some where besides Earth Spacedock. People have no reason to visit the Captain's Table due to everything it has to offer is on the spacedock( with exception of the chat channel). People are going to need a reason to even want to visit. I personally don't go there for this reason. I can find everything I need at the spacedock. If the Captain's Table were accessable from another location, it would make it more enticing because that is one more option for captains to rest at without having to go all the way back to Earth.

On a side note, if all of these "exclusives" are no longer going to be exclusive, then perhaps we can have an estimate, if not a confirmation, that the other "exclusives" will become available to every one else. I purchased the game with the TOS uniforms so I could have something different and now every one has them. Not complaining, it happens. Still annoying though. I was excited about the Captain's Table so I could talk with other lifers and now that is being taken away in a sense. Sorry, got off on a tangent.