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04-30-2010, 04:46 PM
I had liked having the Two Extra Character Slots from my Lifetime Subscription, until I saw those slots on the C-Store for low prices. I had enjoyed the Captains Table, until I saw that if people just wait around for about a year they get that free. I never really enjoyed the Liberated Borg option , but I now worry that it will be showing up in the C-Store or in a Promotion eventually. So what exactly did my early Lifetime Subscription net me? I am beginning to think I just pre-paid my subscription fee for 14 months and a lame title.

Please restrict access to The captains Table to Lifetime Subscribers. It is, to me, the most solid thing you have rewarded to customers like myself. Please don't hand out our exclusives. If you continue to hand out Exclusives...they aren't Exclusives anymore...they become Premium Items. We were told a wallet would not pathe our way in STO. Should I have just bought Cryptic Bucks and waited, instead of committing my money to your initial efforts Cryptic?